City of Atlanta-Municipal Court Office of the Solicitor

The Pre-Trial Intervention Program for Traffic Offenses, commonly known as PTI-T, is a convenient and often quicker option to resolve your case in comparison to appearing in court. PTI-T promotes safe drivers and emphasizes accountability while allowing you to settle your case before the given court date. The program empowers you to take control of your situation by actively pursuing a resolution rather than waiting for a judicial sentence. PTI-T allows you to take responsibility while avoiding points on your license and preventing possible conviction. Participation is voluntary, but acceptance into the program is at the discretion of the Solicitor or Program Administrator. Upon timely and successful completion of the program, your charges are dismissed.

There are many advantages to participating in the program. Your charges will be DISMISSED, you WON’T pay fines or surcharges, you’ll avoid points on your license, and you will only pay a participation fee that is generally less than the initial fine amount. Furthermore you are given 45 days to complete the program requirements (including paying your fee) as opposed to traditional mandated court payments, that if unmet result in additional fees.

Another great advantage is that most of the requirements can be met on the same day you appear or are accepted into the program, so no need to make multiple visits to the courthouse. Court proceedings are overwhelming and can be very frustrating; but PTI-T strives to make resolving your case QUICK and CONVENIENT. So no need to call-in from work, rush out to add more time to the parking meter, or pay extra daycare fees for picking the kids up late. PTI-T is your hassle-free alternative.

For information on how you can conveniently resolve your traffic case, visit our FAQ page or call us at 404.658.6163. Someone is waiting to help make your case resolution hassle-free.