1. How do I use this site?
Each fund has several visualizations. You might start with General Funds, which includes the functions people most associate with city government. The first visual explains each fund. Use each visual to get a better idea of how the city generates revenue and spend money.
2. How can I better understand these graphs?
Although the graphs are more visually appealing than text, make sure to read the text above the graph for an explanation. Also, many of the graphs are interactive. Hover over data points for more information or use the description at the top of the graph for tips on interactivity.
3. Is ABE the definitive source for Atlanta budget information?
No. ABE is a graphical explanation of the city budget, designed by engaged citizens, and hosted by the city. The definitive source is located here. To access the data used to generate ABE, click here (need public link to download ABE Master).
4. Why isn't more money spent on X Y and Z?
ABE helps illustrate how the city spends money, but its creators don't play a role in determining spending priorities. The best way to get answers to these types of questions is to reach out to your local city council representative.
5. What did you learn by creating ABE?
John: I became very interested in the Tax Allocation Districts while creating the Special Revenue page. As a relatively new Atlanta resident, I didn’t know Atlantic Station was a TAD, and I enjoy seeing concrete numbers on their successes.
Jarod: I learned a lot about the scope of different components of the city's operations. While the general fund activities (police, firefighters, etc.) are most visible to citizens, the Airport and Waterworks are larger operations financially.